TEX -> PDF: No errors thrown resulting PDF is always blank

I’m attempting to convert .tex files (LaTEX) to PDF using the following code:

LatexLoadOptions latexOptions = new LatexLoadOptions();
Aspose.Pdf.Document doc = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(this.tempInputFile, latexOptions);
However no matter how many different .tex files I try the resulting PDF is always blank.
Those same tex files open up fine in other programs that deal with .tex files.

Am I missing a step?

My version of Aspose.Pdf is



Thanks for using our API’s.

Please share your sample LaTex files, so that we can test the scenario in our environment. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi not a problem.

These are all example files I found online while testing, haven’t managed to get any even other ones than these to render.



Thanks for sharing the resource files.

I have tested the scenarios and have observed that exception is being generated when trying to convert LaTex files to PDF format. For the sake of correction, I have separately logged them in our issue tracking system.

  • sample2.tex conversion issue is logged as PDFNEWNET-38644.
  • sample3.tex conversion issue is logged as PDFNEWNET-38645.
  • sample4.tex conversion issue is logged as PDFNEWNET-38646.

We will further look into the details of these problems and will keep you posted on the status of correction. Please be patient and spare us little time. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

The issues you found earlier (filed as PDFNET-38644) have been fixed in Aspose.PDF for .NET 23.1.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFNET-38646,PDFNET-38645) have been fixed in Aspose.PDF for .NET 23.2.