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Text distorted when converting PDF to PDF/A using Aspose.PDF for .NET


I am using Aspose.PDF for .net version 19.12.

I will email the files that I am mentioning here as I do not see a link for attaching them to the post.

File1.pdf and File2.pdf

  1. If i only have banners for the file, the banner text is all messed up. (File1 Banner only.pdf)
  2. If i add banners plus watermark to the file, the output file is more messed up. (File1 Banner plus Watermark.pdf)


  1. If i only add banners, the output file is fine. (File3 Banner only.pdf)
  2. If I add banners and watermarking to the file, no output file is created and i get this error instead: “Parameter is not valid”.

I am converting to PDF_A_1A with Error Action set to None. Even if I change the Error Action to Delete, i get the same output.

I searched the forum and saw a similar issue with version 17.something but that was resolved in a later build of Aspose.PDF.

What seems to be the issue here?

I emailed the zip file to support@aspose.com. Please let me know if there is another email that I should forward it to.

EDIT: I am using another library to add the banners and watermarks and Aspose.PDF to convert the pdf file to pdf/a.



Thanks for contacting support.

We like to inform that you may share files with us via dropbox link so that we may further investigate to help you out. Also please share complete sample code as well.

Hi Adnan,

Please download the sample code and sample files from the link below.

We are currently using a temp license to evaluate the functionality and are pressed for time to fix this issue and get a permanent license. Until this issue is resolved, we are unable to proceed forward. Any help that you can provide is highly appreciated.

I am open to downgrading to a previous version (if you suggest that does not have this issue) if that means that I can move ahead with the testing and finish the process. Please suggest a version number and a download link if you know that will be the quickest way to fix this issue.

Looking forward to your reply.


Hi Adnan,

Do you have any feedback. We are running out of time with our customer and have to find a solution. Thank you,


We have tested the scenario in our environment and managed to observe the similar issues that you have mentioned. This scenario needs further investigation and for which we have logged an issue ticket as PDFNET-47482 in our issue tracking system. We will further look into details of it and keep you posted with the status of its correction. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Asad,

  1. Where can i view the status of the ticket?
  2. Do you have some information on the timeline for this ticket that you can share?
  3. Also does this ticket include both watermark and banner issues?11

On another note I was able to further look into the watermark issue. It seems that with PDFA/1A transparency is not allowed and the watermark in the files is transparent. That is causing the file to not convert. I have looked at another library and they make the watermark opaque and it works. With PDFA/2A the transparent watermark works fine.

I hope this helps to further narrow down the issue.



Thanks for posting your inquiry.

Yes, the logged ticket is about both watermark and banner issues. Furthermore, the ticket has been logged under free support model where issues have low priority and are resolved on first come first serve basis. The issue has been logged in our internal issue management system and I am afraid that you may not be able to access it. However, we will keep you posted with its rectification status as soon as we have some updates.

We have logged these details along with the ticket and will definitely consider it during issue analysis.