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Text File Import

I am just looking into your Cells product. I want to know if this is possible. In, I have a comma delimited data stream (or it could be a txt file), and I want to import it into Excel, sometimes just naming the General import choice, and sometimes naming each columns formatting. For example, if I was to do this in Excel I would choose the following steps:

Data...Import External Data...Import Data...Choose My File...Delimited...Next...Turn Off Tab...Turn On Comma...Next... now the text import wizard (step 3 of 3) has many choices - can I manipulate all these choices with Cells, such as just choosing General and hitting finish, and Excel chooses how to format the columns, or actually setting these possible options for each column (General, Text, Date Type, Do Not Import Column). Can I do all this with Cells?

Thank You,

Derek Hart

Dear Derek,

You can use Workbook.Open method to import such a csv file and format columns with Aspose.Cells.