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Text() formula issue in xlsx file


If a ods file contains a formula =text() then, can not save that document as xlsx file. Attached the ods file which contains the formula =text() in cell O13.


Hi Santhosh,

I think you forgot to attach your sample file.
Thank you


Thank you. I have attached the document now.



Your file [input.ods] has formula in O13, but it is incomplete. While opening in OpenOffice I am getting an error Err:511 [see attachment text()err.PNG]. I tried saving this file to XLSX file format using latest version of Aspose.Cells JAVA v2.5.3.6 and the resultant file has 0 in O13, also the formula is lost [see attachment odsOut.xlsx].

Actually, function TEXT() take two parameters. First is number and second is string format. In input-2.ods file, I modified your formula in O13 to =Text(A1, “0”). Now when I converted this file to XLSX, the result is as expected [see odsOut-2.xlsx]. The resultant file in this case preserved the formula.

Attached is an archive containing all input/output files.