Text in formula trouble



I’m trying to set this formula into a cell :

oSheet.Cells(“A4”).Formula = “=”“some text (”" & B4 & “”)"""

but this return an ‘instence object error’… this look like the formula doesn’t like the double quote… how should I do this ?

(i’m working with the version)




i’ve tried this code : oSheet.Cells(“A3”).Formula = “=”“OK”""

which give me the same error…


That may be a problem in earlier version. I don’t find any error in my machine. Please try this attached fix.


Hello Laurence,

I’ve updated the dll and I’ve no more error, but the generated cell is not what I expected :

the line of code :
oSheet.Cells(“A3”).Formula = “=”“Compétence Médiateur (”" & B3 & “”)""“

the cell content:
=“Compétence Médiateur (””&B3&"")"

what I need :
=“Compétence Médiateur (” & B3 & “)”



Please try the attached fix. And please change your code to:

oSheet.Cells(“A3”).Formula = “=”“Compétence Médiateur (”""" & B3 & “”"")"""