Text layer looks incorrect until focused in photoshop


We are using Aspose.PSD 22.7.0 update text in some PSD files. In some cases the resulting file looks wrong in Photoshop (has bigger characters) until it is focused, and looks as in the original afterwards.

For example, if we use the code below, with file1.psd from the attached zip, we will get such a file (file1.psd-target.psd from the zip).


using (var image = Image.Load(file))
    if (image is PsdImage psdImage)
        foreach (var layer in psdImage.Layers)
            if (layer is TextLayer textLayer)

        var imageOptions = new PsdOptions(psdImage);
        psdImage.Save(file+"-target.psd", imageOptions);

It would be nice to have the text look as it should without opening the psd file and focusing the text layer.
files.zip (89.6 KB)

Thanks for any help,

I created the issue with the id PSDNET-1235: Text layer looks incorrect until focused in photoshop

We will make an investigation of your files and then we will write you back. But please note, we can not reproduce pixel-perfect Adobe Photoshop rendering, we use our own text rendering engine to reduce the count of dependencies.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PSDNET-1235) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by yaroslav.lisovskyi