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Text Missing in Shapes

Hi ,

The attached presentation contains a slide with two text boxes. Aspose returns the two text boxes correctly when parsed . But , the text frame and the place holder inside the shape remains null i.e. shape.getTextFrame() and shape.getPlaceholder() returns null. However , the method shape.isTextHolder() returns true.

Please verify why a box which contains text returns null for retrieval of both the text frame and place holder. Is there any other method using which i can retrieve the text inside a Rectangle shape.

We are using Aspose.Slides for Java (Version : 1.9.0).


Dear J.Karthik,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

Presenation is internally broken. If you open it in MS-PowerPoint and save it back with Save As… file menu command. It gets fixed. Please see the attachment.

However, technical team will look into it and provide a workaround if possible.


Many thanks for your reply.

As you suggest , the presentation works when it is saved again. But the problem here is , user does not feel that the problem is with presentation content , as MS-PowerPoint opens it silently (may be after repairing ) without throwing any errors. He feels the bug is with the application.

It could be really helpful if you can repair the presentation and load it . You can even provide a method like “repairFile” , which the developer can call when needed.

Can you give us the technical problem(if any) related to this content , so that we shall inform the users(with this type of file) about the problem.

Again thanks for your reply.


Actually, such presentations are created when user saves them in Fast Save mode. In Fast Save mode, MS-PowerPoint does not create the internal structures from the beginning instead it adds newer stuff incrementally, which sometime breaks the internal linkages. MS-PowerPoint can fix such presentation on the fly but Aspose.Slides cannot. So we have to find out new workaround every time because of incremental feature.

To enable/disable Fast Save, follow Options -- > Save -- > Allow fast saves