Text moves after updating text in PS

After replacing a text and opening it in PS, the text moves when updating the textlayers
Error-image.png (139.2 KB)

InpuT PSD:
SFC Pro9 FY24C2 - AWR - ECOM Banner Anim SRC - Campaign Inking Side B_psak.zip (2.0 MB)
Code used:
Code-forTicket.zip (1.1 KB)

@cristianortegaethofy the provided code is not compilable.
It contains the following issues:

  1. Missed method ReplaceText(textData.Items[i].Text, lsaksDictionary);
  2. Missed declaration and the creation of “opt” variable
  3. Missed file input_text.txt

It’s possible that there are other issues. Could you please provide compilable code and the files that are used for it. Also, please note that name of provided file different from the file you are trying to load in code.

Sorry, I got mixed up with another bug, I’ll give you another example in a different psd, with the code with the missing parts, the input text, etc. I will open a new question explaining it. Text moves after updating in PS