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Text Overflowing to next page in a table

i am having a problem a report that is displayed as PDF. The problem is that whenever data length increases, it automatically breaks the data to the next page even if there is empty space on the previous page, and even on the next page there is a single or 2 lines and the rest of the page is empty and then more data on the next page. So when we print the report there are empty pages coming or pages with 1 or 2 lines of data and the rest data on the next page. We are adding tables to the PDF Sections and the data is displayed in the cells of this table. We have tried different settings for the width of the table but nothing worked.
I am attaching a sample report that we generated using Aspose.PDF that has the problem.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Can you please provide your code and let me check it?

thanks for your reply…
the code file is attaced with this…
i hope u will not face any difficulties understanding it

thanks in advance
Zaheer Akhtar

I have chacked the code but have not found any error. And it is not easy for me to reproduced the error. Can you please test if this error is caused by the empty row? It will be greate help if you can provide a runable example that can reproduce this error.