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Text scaling issue in GetThumbnail

I am currently evaluating Aspose.Slides. I am trying to export a slide to a PNG image. However, for PPT files, the text scaling appears a little bit too large. I am using the VB.NET code:

Dim pres As Aspose.Slides.Presentation = New Presentation("TestPowerPoint.ppt")
pres.Slides(0).GetThumbnail(New Size(2200, 1700)).Save("Test.png", Imaging.ImageFormat.Png)

Also, if I attempt to load a PPTX presentation, the text scaling is also a little large, and the embedded charts are improperly scaled vertically. Using similar code as above but PPTX.Presentation object. (Note the PPTX file I used is saved in PowerPoint 2010 -- I don't know whether that would make a difference or not.)

Attached is a PPT file as a sample.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Larry,

I have worked with the presentation file shared by you and have not been able to understand the issues encountered by you using Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.6.0. I have shared the generated output for your kind reference. Can you please identify the issue in the generated thumbnail. One more thing that you have pointed regarding size of thumbnail and its disorientation may be due to fact that you are using the dimension that does not has same aspect ration as actual slide size. The original slide size is 720 x 540, which make aspect ration 1.3333. So, if you wish 2200 as X-dimension then corresponding Y-direction should be 2200/1.333=1650. Hope it will help you.

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks for the quick response. One of the issues I was having was a problem with the amount of data in the Powerpoint charts (there was one extra row of data that should not have been there) which made the chart’s x-axis labels all run together.

However, the text scaling problem is still an issue in the bottom left of the slide. Specifically, the “PREPARED BY:” and “PRESENTED BY:” elements are a little too long and do not lay out as required. Attached is a sample PNG of how the chart should print.

With the PPTX version, the individual Y-axis of the charts is what is not scaled properly. In both cases, I am outputting the same size graphic image which is scaled to 11" by 8.5" at 200dpi.



Hi Larry,

I have worked with the presentations sets shared by you using Aspose.Slides for Java 2.7.0. I have set the same dimensions for the both PPT and PPTX thumbnails as used in the image shared by you. The thumbnail formed are identical. You may also observe that the image generated by Aspose.Slides for Java have greater DPI and bit depth and that is why their size is greater. I have observed issue of text position in PPTX thumbnail and an issue with ID 31381 has been added to resolve the issue. We will share the information with you as soon as the issue is resolved.

Please share your feedback in light of shared thumbnails by identifying issues in them so that we may update them in our issue tracking system.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,