Text unintentionally gets converted to images. Those images created include incorrectly ingestion of text and it dissappeared

We are using the save_as method of the words_api to upload a word as an html and we are getting those issues

Issue #1:
Text missing inside the images/callouts. This is added as image, so no edits are allowed. We can to keep it that way, but for it to include all the text or the font is changed at times.

Issue #2:
Source callout box is not being ingested as the source
In this example you can see the text coming out of the gray box “callout” and also text missing from the callout title

@GVelezpO can you please post your source file, to be able to reproduce your issue and provide a valid solution.
Additionally, your issue with fonts is probably caused because some fonts are missing in your environment. If Aspose.Words cannot find the required font, it will replace it, and that should produce unexpected results. You can check font substitutions using a custom implementation of WarningCallback.