TextN fields



I am using Aspose.Tasks to export projects from our project

management system to MS Project files. There are some task-infos

from our database that I would like save in the Text1…Text20

fields in each task.

But unfortunately, I can not save values in the TextN field. Here is some sample code I used to write the TextN fields:

MPXFile file = new MPXFile ();

// Create a summary task


Task task1 = file.AddTask();

task1.Name = this.summaryTaskName.Text;


// Create the first sub task


Task task2 = task1.AddTask();

task2.Name = this.firstTaskName.Text;

task2.Duration = new Duration(this.firstTaskDuration.Text);

task2.Start = System.DateTime.Parse(this.firstTaskStart.Text);

—> task2.Text1 = “test”;

this.Response.ContentType = “text/xml”; //

this.Response.AppendHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “attachment;


System.IO.Stream st = this.Response.OutputStream;


// Write the file




All other values such as duration have been saved correctly in the xml file, but the value of Text1 is missing. Any ideas?

Or should I use other fields to save my task-infos?

Thanks in advance


The main problem is Project’s XML scheme doesn’t have such fields TextN.
Such information stored separately in special ExtendedAttributes and reading/writing these fields
were not implemented for XML format. If you really need it we can implement this feature.


Could you please suggest any other fields of a task that I could use to save my task-infos?

Are there any other generic fields implemented?

It would be great if you could implement the TextN fields.



Current version can offer only Notes field to store additional information in the XML format.


We have added read/write access to Text1 - Text30 (and some other) fields in XML format.
Please check Aspose.Tasks 1.5.1 hot fix.


Great! Thank you all for your support!