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The difference between "aspose.pdf.cpp_vc14x86.dll" and "aspose.pdf.dll"

Hello, I bought aspose.pdf for C++. The files generated are “aspose.pdf.cpp_vc14x86.dll” and “aspose_cpp_vc14x86.dll”.I see other companies use “aspose.pdf.dll” and your company’s digital signature?What’s the difference?Is there an example of using the file “aspose.pdf.dll”?


The “aspose.pdf.dll” is included in the package of Aspose.PDF for .NET whereas, “aspose.pdf.cpp_vc14x86.dll” is part of Aspose.PDF for C++. In case you want to use the API in a C++ application, you need Aspose.PDF for C++ API. If you want to use “aspose.pdf.dll” which is .NET API, you will be able to use it in .NET Applications.