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The export of SVG export from Aspose.TeX is not processed correctly

I use Aspose.TeX to create an SVG from a TeX formula. If I now create this SVG and then read it in again and write it again, the SVG breaks.

SvgMathRendererOptions options = new SvgMathRendererOptions();
		+ "\\usepackage{amsfonts}\n"
		+ "\\usepackage{amssymb}\n"
		+ "\\usepackage{color}");
options.setLogStream(new FileOutputStream("simple-math-rendering.log"));
com.aspose.tex.Size2D size = new com.aspose.tex.Size2D.Float();
final ByteArrayOutputStream stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
SvgMathRenderer mathRenderer = new SvgMathRenderer();
mathRenderer.render("$\int_{a}^{b}x dx$", stream, options, size);
try(OutputStream fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream("simple-math-rendering_1.svg")) {
	stream.writeTo(fileOutputStream );
try (Image image = SvgImage.load(new ByteArrayInputStream(stream.toByteArray()))) {
	image.save(new FileOutputStream("simple-math-rendering_2.svg"));
} catch (Exception exc) {
	LOGGER.error("svg conversion failed", exc);

My goal is to pack the TeX formula in a PDF, but I can’t do it because the SVG is “broken” after reading it.

simple-math-rendering.zip (63.0 KB)

@GeCi, we will investigate your issue and answer it.

@GeCi, hello
I have tested your code - the second SVG output is incorrect. The ticket for this issue is attached to the topic so you can see the progress.