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The latest Aspose version generated document size is larger than old Aspose's

Hi Support,

The generated document size get increased when it is created by latest Aspose version compared to old Aspose version(2.5). For example, simply write 100 paragraphs and each paragraph has text of "paragrap text ", Aspose 10.3.0 will get document size of 15360 bytes, however old version will get the size of 14848 bytes. The above comparison result only apply to creating simple text paragraphs. If there are images, tables and other complex word objects, I am not sure how big the document size will increase. Do you have any benchmark on this kind of document size change. Why the document size get increased? Please advise.

Thanks & regards.

For your reference, the test code is listed here:

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

for(int i = 0; i< 100; i++)
builder.writeln("paragraph text " + i);


Thanks for your request. The reason of the differences between two versions is that the version 10.3.0 includes lot of improvements in document conversions and rendering.

More features are supported in each new version of Aspose.Words, it might cause increasing document size.

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Hey Andrey,

in some cases the size of the document is doubled. The more content and more varied the bigger the difference between versions while there is no difference in content or formatting. So from the end user’s perspective documents are identical with the previous versions (no benefit) but much larger. And since the size of the document is an important factor ( it’s not fun emailing a 10Mb file) this will be seen as a regression.

Are there any tools/flags/tweks in the current version of Aspose to reduce the size of the generated documents? Are there any plans to reduce the size of generated files?


Hi Dragos,

Thank you for additional information. As an option, you can try using DOCX format, which usually is more compact than DOC is. In addition, I suppose if you open/save your output document in MS Word it will became even larger.

Could you please also attach your output documents here? I will check them and provide you more information.

Best regards,