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The license is for a different owner

We have recently moved our ASP.NET development from once server (CWLWEBDEV) over to another (CITSNETDEV) and our Aspose Development license is no longer working. We purchased Aspose Office approx Aug 2004 and all has been fine. It was a long time ago but I vagualy remember providing Aspose with the names of our servers and am wondering how we can get our dev license working again on our new development server.

Here are the lines of code causing the error:

Line 52: Dim licenseFile As String = MapPath("License") + "\Aspose.Report.lic"
Line 53: app.SetLicense(licenseFile)
Line 54: Dim doc As Document = app.Open(curPath + "\" +reportName+ ".doc")

I’ve send your request to sales department. They will contact you shortly.


Please let us know the order id number or the name of the company. I have checked and saw that the order was not associated with your current username. Once we find out the order, we will help you get a new license file. It won't cost you anything to do that.

I look forward to helping you. Thanks!

Please note the license will be in a new format (we switched last year) and you will need to upgrade Aspose.Word to the latest version and you will need to rebuild you application. Sorry we cannot issue licenses in the old format. Also, it is very useful to upgrade to latest Aspose.Word always since it improved so much since 2004.

I replied by email last week and still haven't heard anything back. The email address that Aspose was registered to was Could you please send the new Apsose License file for our version of Aspose Office. If you need more information feel free to send it to either: or



This is taken care of now. Thanks for your time.