The more simultaneous calls to "new Workbook" the slower it is (6.5 MB)
We’ve been having slowness issue with our service and through our investigations we found that the more simultaneous calls to “new Workbook” the slower it is. I have attached a simple console app to show case this. The single call takes about 2 seconds, 4 threads individually take about 4 seconds and 8 threads about 8-9 seconds each. It doesn’t matter if the calls are all for the same file path or for multiple which is seen in test code. My expectation is that each thread would take the same amount of time as the individual thread so this seems like a bug to me. Does anyone know if it is a bug or have any suggestions to work around this?

Thank you!

We have observed this issue and logged it in our database for further investigation. You will be notified here once any update is ready for sharing.

This issue is logged as:
CELLSNET-48119 - The more simultaneous calls to “new Workbook” slows down the application

Hi Aspose Support team. George from the sales team mentioned this ticket should automatically transition to the paid support since we have purchased business support. Can you please confirm?

Thank you!


You need to login and open a new thread (where you will mention the existing (specific) ticket id to be treated as “Priority Support” or “Enterprise Support”) on paid support desk. After getting your request there, we will edit the ticket’s support level accordingly and thus your issue will be coped with on priority basis.