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The signature is invalid


Buy a developer license for the product Aspose Barcode for Java. Our operating system is Unix (AIX) and generates the following error when authenticating the license:

com.aspose.barcode.PleaseReportException: The signature is invalid

The version of the jar is the Aspose-barcode-2.7.0.jar

We replicated the same error on Ubuntu 10.04.

We got the latest version of the product (Aspose-barcode-4.4.1-jdk14.jar) and continues to generate the same error (with a slight difference of the class is generated):

java.lang.IllegalStateException: The signature is invalid

Please, I need your urgent assistance as we are about to go into production.

PS: Deputy license file received.

Gustavo Oporto

Hi Gastavo,

We are sorry for your inconvenience.

We have downloaded the license file from your post and we will soon look into this problem. AIX envirnoment may take some time to set up so please share more details regarding the Ubuntu envirnoment. I have it’s VM and I can quicly test your issue.

Please remove the license file from your post at earliest, because we do not allow to share license files via forum threads.


Uppps…sorry for the mistake and thanks for your fast response.

We are waiting for you response.

Gustavo Oporto

Hi Gastavo,

I am afraid, I am unable to replicate your said issue on Ubuntu 11.04 with Eclipse Galileo v3.5.2 by using different JRE versions (J2SE 1.4, J2SE 1.5, Java-6-openjdk) and latest of Aspose.BarCode for Java v4.4.1.

To investigate this problem further, please share more details like,
  • IDE version
  • JRE version
  • Any other specific details

Also please share what changes did you make to raise this exception on your end?


Hi babar,

due to limitations of software that resides Aspose (IBM broker), the reading of the license is done via InputStream.
I enclose full wrapper (eclipse project), in which we reproduced the error.


Hi Gustavo,

Thank you for sharing the details.

I guess you forgot to attach your project with your reply. Can you please re-check?



I send you a mail with the project using the Contact option…my private mail is goporto@go2mobile.cl, please send me your mail for send you the java code and licence information.


Hi Gustavo,

I have checked your shared project and I am able to observe the said exception on Ubuntu as well as on Windows Xp. Reason for this exception is that you have modified the contents of the License. You can easily replicate this exception with you original license file as well by changing anything and setting the modified license.

Please note that the license file is digitally signed, so you can not modify it: even inadvertently adding an extra space will invalidate the file. Similarly if you are saving the contents of license in a string then adding escapes sequences invalidate the license [<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>].

I am curious if you were ever been able to set the license in this way.

Hi babar;

We are using inputStream method because the IBM Message broker limitations in relation to access external files (user, groups, privileges, authorization promotions and long hell etc).

In the evaluation time, we not found any problems (evaluation licence) and the Api operation was satisfactory. The purchase decision was made in base to above factor.

Why the commercial licence not working? What is the difference with the evaluation licence???

which would be the recommended solution???


Hi Gustavo,

Thank you for the elaboration.

Commercial and Evaluation licenses are the same with exception that the Evaluation license expires in one month. Both type of licenses are digitally signed to make sure that no one can change its contents. Please read about the recommended procedure to set your license for Aspose.BarCode for Java component. Alternatively, you can also use FileInputStream to load the license data and pass it to setLicense method.

Anyway, I have logged an investigative ticket (BARCODJAVA-33147) with highest priority possible to probe further into this matter. I have also provided your sample project and original license to the development team for their review. Hopefully soon we will figure this out and will let you know here.

Could you please specify with what version of Aspose.BarCode for Java did you evaluate the product?

Hi Gustavo,

Thank you for your patience.

We are pleased to inform you that we have figured out the problem. It seems, you are not carefully copying the license string in your Java class. I have sent you an email with an archive in its attachment containing the following Java classes,
  1. LicenseSupplier.java [has the modified License string]
  2. LicenseSupplierTest.java [contains the License reading procedure]

Please integrate the changes in your application and feed us back with your results.

Thank’s Babar…we are do!