The type or namespace name ActivePrintPreviewDialog could not be found

I am using following code

string FileName = "YourFileName.docx";
Document doc = new Document(FileName);
ActivePrintPreviewDialog previewDlg = new ActivePrintPreviewDialog();

// Pass the Aspose.Words print document to the Print Preview dialog.
previewDlg.Document = doc;

// Specify additional parameters of the Print Preview dialog.
previewDlg.ShowInTaskbar = true;
previewDlg.MinimizeBox = true;
previewDlg.PrintPreviewControl.Zoom = 1;
previewDlg.Document.DocumentName = "TestName.doc";
previewDlg.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;

// Show the appropriately configured Print Preview dialog.

but it gives an error ActivePrintPreviewDialog assembly reference not found


Please include System.Windows.Forms as shown below in your .cs file to avoid this issue.

using System.Windows.Forms;

Please get the complete code example from the following GitHub link.

The program is not running give error message "You cannot debug or run this program "because the required version of Microsoft office application not installed.


We have created a sample application for you to print the document. Please use the attached application to achieve your requirement. Hope this helps you. (217.6 KB)