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Think-Cell Charts Are Not Displaying Properly in Thumbnail Image

Think cell charts are not displayed in the thumbnail image generated with Aspose. Specific charts and diagrams added via Think-cell add-in are not rendering or showing incomplete image previews for Templates. For example - the secondary y-axis is not rendering properly.

However after deleting the second Y axis and uploading as template the proposed workaround worked for the slide. Could please review and provide solution other than deleting the 2nd y-axis, which are required in some cases. We can share example slides and additional information if needed to discuss further on this issue. (as there is no option to add images while creating this topic). Will really appreciate if someone can look into it on priroity.

Thank you for the issue description.

Please check your results using the latest version of Aspose.Slides if it is possible. If the issue persists, please share the following:

  • input presentation file and output image files (you can zip the files and upload them here)
  • code example that reproduces the problem you described
  • OS version where the code was executed
  • JDK version or .NET target platform in your app
  • Aspose.Slides version you used

Original.zip (2.7 MB)
1.input presentation file and output image files (can zip the files) --Attached samples
2.Code example that reproduces the problem --> Bitmap GetThumbnail(float scaleX, float scaleY); on ISlide
3.OS version where the code was executed --> screenshot generation is done on server side (Windows version 10.0.14393)
4.JDK version or .NET target platform in our app --> .NET Framework 4.6.2
5.Aspose.Slides version we use --> Aspose.Slides v22.10
Screenshot.png (21.9 KB)

Thank you for the additional information. I’ve reproduced the problem with displaying the charts in the thumbnail image and added a ticket with ID SLIDESNET-43162 to our issue tracking system. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our development team will investigate this case. You will be notified when the issue is resolved.

Could you please also describe in more detail how to reproduce the problem with the second y-axis?

Hi Team,

Please let us know if there is any timeline for the ticket you raised with the Dev Team. Meanwhile we will share more details regarding secondary Y axis issue.


I’ve requested plans for the issue from our development team for you. We will let you know soon.

Hi Team,

We have already shared the sample files, we are expecting you should have proper “test cases / test applications” to validate if the output is correct based on the input sample files.

“GetThumbnail(float scaleX, float scaleY);” is not generating a proper screenshot for the provided samples. Please try from your end and confirm if you need any additional details regarding the issue.


We confirm the problem with generating the slide thumbnail. The issue has already been registered with ID SLIDESNET-43162 earlier. Thank you for your patience.


The issue has normal priority. Our development team reported that it was postponed due to other priority issues.