Third party jar is throwing some binary error

Hi Team,

The third party jar is throwing binary error while using the pdf file(which was generated from word file to pdf file using aspose utility).

Document document = new Document(“wordFile/path”);
document.setWarningCallback(iWarningCallback);, pdfSaveOptions);

Please find the attached zip in which fonts, word, pdf file is present.

Third party LIB: (PDFBOX) :When we are using pdf box to get the pdf. It throws the binary exception for pdf(attached in zip).

Please help to check the aspose utility while converting word into pdf.
aspose.words --24.3-jdk17
aspose.pdf --23.11-jdk17
Java: JDK17

Code snippet:

byte[] fileBytes = Files.readAllBytes(Paths.get(“C:\path\PDF_file.pdf”));

PDDocument d = PDDocument.load(fileBytes); (3.2 MB)


If PDFBox is the API that is throwing an error, we are afraid that we cannot investigate why it is happening. Have you tried loading the same PDF document using Aspose.PDF API? Is it throwing an exception also?