Thumbnails drop characters on wrapping



Two items:

1. We are using thumbnails to create JPG snapshots of PPT slides. Is this the only / best way of doing this?

2. In the above scenario, when text gets wrapped from one line to the next, occassionally the first letter in the first word on the new line is dropped. Is this a known bug, and has it been fixed?

Thank you very much!

  1. Yes. There are no other ways to create image of a slide.
  2. Please, could you provide real example of presentation. We couldn’t reproduce this bug yet.


Thank you. I have attached a PowerPoint presentation that contains 1 slide which exhibits this problem. When a thumbnail is captured using ASPOSE PowerPoint, the "r" is dropped from the word "requests", in the second bullet point. I just confirmed that this is still happening with the latest hot fix you have posted (Jan 15, 2006).

Thank you very much for your immediate attention to this.

All the best,
Michael Berkley



Could you please notify me with an update on this issue?

Thanks very much,
Michael Berkley


Please check last hot fix.