Thumbnails from XLS-XLSX-PPT and PPTX files


I have gone through the following article to create thumnails of office document using Aspose. I have the following queries .

#2: PresentationEx class doesnt seem to have provision to SaveToPdf() while Presentation class does, when will the PresentationEx support SaveToPdf ?

SlideEx also does not support GetThumbnail() , when will this be available ?

Are there any other ways of getting the thumbnails of a particular slide from pptx files ? The attached zip file also has teh code used

#3: PdfExtractor doesnt seem to be able to extract the the first page as an image. Can it extract only the embedded images ? as in images which were added to the Excel sheet or can it give an image of the entire pdf page ?



Hello Sirish,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

#1) As far as I have noticed, the Combo-box in Excel worksheet does not contain any value. And even I tried updating the contents, but I am unable to do so. I think there is some issue with the Combo-box.

#2) Please visit the following link to accomplish your requirement, Creating Slide Thumbnail Image

#3) PdfExtractor class is used to extract contents from the PDF file. Where the contents can be text or Images with in the PDF file. If you need to convert the first page as an Image, please visit Convert the PDF Document to Specified Images

I would also recommend you to visit the following links for required information on How to Extract Text from PDF document or How to Extract Images from PDF document.

Thanks for links Nayyer, the link in #3 helped solve my requirement of getting an image of a pdf page

However my question #2 was that the PresentationEx class which is meant for PowerPoint 2007 presentation does not support SaveToPdf()

Also the SlideEx class meant for POwerPOint 2007 slide does not support GetThumbnail()

So how do I get an image of PowerPoint 2007 slides ? The link you have provided only shows how to use the Presentation class to get the thumbnail image of the PowerPoint 2003 slides



Hello Sirish,

As your query is related to Aspose.Slides, so I am moving this thread to Aspose.Slides forum. Our team of experts taking care of that product would be in better position to answer this query.


We will first support the SlideEx thumbnail features. Later we will support the PresentationEx to PDF feature. I will let you know the timeline of thumbnail features as soon as possible.

There is no exact timelines however it is possible that simpler rendering will be available before the end of summer.

Thanks for the information Shakeel. In view of this, is there any other way i can get the thumbnail or image of a slide in PPTX ? in the current release ?



No, by simpler rendering, I meant thumbnail images of PPTX slides.


Were you ever able to solve this problem for generating 2007 thumbnails using the Ex class?