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Time Phased data value

How to access time phased data in an mpp file. The data is available in Details section of the resource usage view.

Dear Ankit,

Could you give me real name of the data field?
I don’t have any timephased fields in my MS Project 2003.
And can’t find anything except BCWS and BCWP in the mpp file.
Probably it’s a calculated field.


Sorry I might not have expained it correctly.

The data is visible in the Detail section in TaskUsage View in MPP file i.e. the daily work done on any task, is what I am referring to as timephase data. The data is available in “MSP_TIMEPHASED_DATA” table if mpp is saved in .mdb format. But I want this data without database connection.

Also I am not able to find any variable or object for this data in the aspose.project . Hope the problem is more clear now.

Dear Ankit,

MS Project uses MSP_TIMEPHASED_DATA table if you checked “Expand timephased data in the database” option only. Aspose.Project doesn’t use this table. By default MS Project saves all timephased information to MSP_TASKS and MSP_RESOURCES tables.

Mpp file contains all information in the next timephased fields:
Microsoft Office Project Help --> Reference --> Fields Reference --> Task-timephased fields (Resource-timephased fields)

Most of these fields are available in the Aspose.Project except fields which are not supported by mpp format and calculated directly by MS Project.

Thanks for the information.

But all the fields provided in aspose.project consist of the totals eg. the work gives the total work in a task or by the resource.

Could you help me out , since I want to extract the Information related to per day.
I have a mpp file and I want to find out the work done on a task (lets say) for Monday or Tuesday. So is there a way in which I can extract this information from the file.


Dear Ankit,

I’m sorry. I’d be very glad to help you but unfortunately mpp doesn’t contain such information
and I don’t have rules how MS Project calculates per day information.