Timeframe for Table style support? How could we sync styles between documents?

I need a serverbased solution to sync styles (text, paragraphs, list, tables) between different docs.
We have one style container template holding all styles for an application. If the user creates a new template we want to copy/sync the current styles to the new template. when the user deletes a style in the style container we (want to) iterate all other templates and remove this style.
I think for now this i possible for text and paragraphs (and liststyles) but I haven’t found a way doing this with table style. This is a very important task we have to solve.
Do you have any timeframe for table style support? Perhaps you have another solution/idea/concept for this?
Any help is greaty appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately Table styles are not supported yet. This feature will be implemented in one of the future releases.
Best regards.