Timezone property for recurrence


Hello Team,

I've been using Aspose.email to create appointment in .pst file(Microsoft Outlook).

I'm not able to find the how to set the timezone property in appointment for recurrence.

In MapiCalendar object there are two properties EndDateTimeZone and StartDateTimeZone i'm not able to understand how to set if i want it that time zone should be set what-ever machine timezone is.

Cause if i don't set the timezone properties i think the time conversion is been done on basis of UTC ( Universal Timezone).

Currently i'm using Aspose.Email, i know that least is but i can't upgrade as we have deployed so am looking to set the property in itself.

Can you please look into this and help me out, cause we are running out of time.

Thank You.



Hi Amit,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

We are working on this issue and need further assistance in this regard. Could you please provide us the steps to create such appointment in outlook where time zone is set for recurrences? Save this appointment on disc and send us for our analysis. Try to send images where such appointment is being created in Outlook.


Hello Team,

We don't know how to set timezone in daily recurrence.

Can you please share some example with us how to set timezone of daily recurrence please.

Thank You.



Hi Amit,

We are working on creating an example code which can set timezone of daily recurrence and will write back soon once feedback is ready to share. Please spare us little time and thank you for your patience in this regard.



We have investigated the issue and observed the problem. This issue is logged under Id:EMAILNET-38794 for further investigation by the product team. You will be automatically notified once any update is received in this regard.