Titles when converting Word to ePub

Just downloaded the program after searching for a way to convert my graduate papers into ePub format so that i can read them on my eReader. The conversion worked well at first glance, but my new ePub documents do not have titles.

Any suggestions?


Thank you for considering Aspose.Words. Please note that the Title of EPUB document is mapped to the Title property of your input Word document. It may be that the Title of your input Word document is null or empty. If this is found to be the case, please try setting the Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title property. Also, I would suggest you please visit the following API link:

I hope, this will help.

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Thanks for your request. Could you please attach your input document here? We will check the issue and provide you more information.
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Not sure how to access Document.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title to see what it says. Also, when extracted and ran the exe file, it did not install a print option for ePub. Instead, it opened a dialogue box that allow me to browse and select a file, convert it, and save it. That’s great, but I don’t think that’s how it’s meant to work. Sorry, I think I’m over my head here. I was just looking for a simple way to convert Word documents to ePub format.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your inquiry. You can easily set the document Title and export Word documents to EPUB format by using the following code snippet:


doc = new Document(@"C:\test\In.docx");
doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title = "New title for document";

Moreover, please note that DocumentExplorer.exe is a demo project shipped with Aspose.Words and can be found in the \Aspose\Aspose.Words for .NET\Demos directory. It shows the tree of nodes (DOM) exactly as it is represented in Aspose.Words. Currently, it does not provide the Print functionality; however, you can Print Preview your documents.

Also, in case, if this issue is still occurring, could you please attach your input document here? We will check the issue on our side and provide you more information.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I suppose you are using our free application called Aspose.Words Express which allows you to convert documents to EPUB so you are not working with any code. As Alexey has suggested, please attach a sample document here that allows us to see the issue. We will take a look at provide you with some feedback. Also note that all attachments made on the forums can only be downloaded by Aspose staff.

Furthermore, Aspose.Words Express converts documents to EPUB (Electronic Book Format). This format is for storing and sending books in electronic format, therefore when it comes to this format there isn’t really any “print” function to speak of. If you are looking to print your document, you can do so through Microsoft Word. Please clarify if you were talking about something different.