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TOC Title Doesn't Appear Completely if the Heading Wraps- Partially replaced with Page #

Experiencing issue with the TOC Title when a Heading wraps to more than one line or perhaps it's number of characters since I have an instance where the Heading wraps but it doesn't have this issue in the TOC.

E.g. If the following is the Heading Segment:

119 Personal Attendance Tracking by Telephone and the Internet

And the Heading is in the TOC List, the following shows up in the TOC, while the other shorter Headings appear normally.

119 68
(PATTI) 68

120 Policies for Employees (Office Staff) .................................... etc etc 69

You can view the code involved in my other posting.

Thanks for the assistance.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) Please provide the resulting PDF and let us check it.

2) We still have not found how to run your project. Can you please provide more detailed instruction about how to run it? Is is possible for you to provide a simple example that can reproduce this error?

Sorry for the inconvenience.