Too complex nested tables


From Marty:

> With Aspose.Word, I was trying to use a document template created from an
> ASP.NET page with lots of nested tables. I know its ugly, but I wanted to
> jump start the test of merge fields.
> I got an Exception when opening the document object.
> Message “Unexpected table state at the end of the row. Please report
> this file to”
> I also got a message yesterday about no support for “inline image” ? I did
> not know what object was causing the failure. Is this a floating image ?
> I attached the template document. Please let me know what you think.
> thanks
> Marty


Hi Marty,

I’ve implemented a fix that the exception is no longer thrown. I will release it later today as Aspose.Word 1.6.5.

But please note that because nested tables are not documented we don’t support them fully yet. Although Aspose.Word will read documents with nested tables okay, it cannot write them out properly and they will appear as a flat table.