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Too much traffic from this sender

i’m tring to use Aspose.Email to send multiple notification to several address but i receive this error :

Workflow ‘GED/Common/NotifierWf’ instance 191ad08c-43af-4216-b415-500ded617da3 was suspended at 29/01/2018 05:02:07 for the following reason : AsposeException: Mailbox unavailable. The server response: MAIL blocked - Too much traffic from this sender.

—> Aspose.Email.Clients.Smtp.SmtpException: Mailbox unavailable. The server response: MAIL blocked - Too much traffic from this sender.

at #=zTJsb7ZZMXBoGMY9hsiXkI1wVLT5QaSOJcnUAnUQ=.#=zIFpJ_pIxYHkT()
at #=zBZB8Copbk3OyfFDAiLzeYgoDHSFoWVXAddL0$dY=.#=zCX0OMlk=(Object #=zaGa$TUw=)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at #=zmdlmDjSNtGazI1M4rH8rxpAStVOi.#=zc3FLGkU=(IAsyncResult #=zP4YLeO0=)
at Aspose.Email.Clients.Smtp.SmtpClient.#=z67avClj8O632(IConnection #=zCzmnBAY=, MailAddress #=zP3E3_Sk=, MailAddressCollection #=zmG$52v2_aZRxbvgZRA==, MailMessage #=zD3r4LSg=, Stream #=zNf1nrdK2O$jb)
at Aspose.Email.Clients.Smtp.SmtpClient.#=z67avClj8O632(IConnection #=zCzmnBAY=, IEnumerable1 #=zbPGtvU0=, EventHandler1 #=zvn9QJVh6V7TN)
at Aspose.Email.Clients.Smtp.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
at Comdata.NET.AsposeMailSmtp.SendMail(MailMessage mailMessage)
at Comdata.GED.PO.Components.Activities.SendMailComponent.Execute()
at Comdata.GED.PO.Activities.SendMailActivity.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)
at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor1.Execute(T activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext) at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutor1.Execute(Activity activity, ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)
at System.Workflow.ComponentModel.ActivityExecutorOperation.Run(IWorkflowCoreRuntime workflowCoreRuntime)
at System.Workflow.Runtime.Scheduler.Run()

Can u please provide me your help ?

Fabio D’Antonio


I have tried sending bulk of mails to one of my test account, but could not observe any issue and all the mails are sent successfully. It seems server side limitation on the receiving end and you may contact the mail server admin to get resolution of this. If still issue is not resolved, please send us the test application along with the test account credentials which can be used to re-produce the scenario.