Top menu missing when word document opened in IE



I have been using aspose.words with no problems for months. Today I installed a new computer on the LAN and find that IE is acting funny on this computer. When I do a mail merge from the older computers the word document opens up in Internet Explorer with the menu bar displayed on the top row. For example: File Edit etc When the menu bar is present I can File--> Print , and the document prints.

But.... on this new computer the document opens in the Internet Explorer with no menu bar displayed. Please note that when WORD is used locally in functions properly.

Any assistance is appreciated



Please attach the screeenshot.


Please find screen shot attached.


The problem is not related to Aspose.Words component. Hard to say what is causing it. Try to find what are software differences between new computer and the computers that were already in the system. Check mainly OS and Internet Explorer version and configuration and also the presence of IE add-ins like popup or spyware blockers.