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Track Aspose licenses

We have a number of Aspose products deployed in our environment and I am trying to track them using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM). When I look at all installed software, I do not see any Aspose product registered in add/remove programs. Can someone advise what I would need to look for to identify the Aspose products are installed on a given PC. We have .Net for barcode and .Net for Cells installed on various machines. Is there a registry key, for file location that exists that can be searched for? Ideally, I would like to harvest the serial number of the product as well. Thank you


By default, if you only use/copy Dlls (e.g. Aspose.Cells.Dll, Aspose.BarCode.Dll, etc.) in your application, the libraries are not registered into the registry or in GAC. This is same as you use any other custom .NET assembly in your project. But if you install the components via MSI Installers (e.g. see the document for your reference), the assemblies would get registered into GAC and you may also uninstall them via Add/remove programs.

Moreover in Aspose APIs, we have a separate licensing mechanism. A license file is an xml based file which certain keys and other important attributes and you need to set the license in code (via Aspose APIs) at the start of your program/application to work with Aspose APIs professionally without any restriction or limits and to work with full capacity. See the documents for your reference on how to use/set the license for Aspose.Cells. Also, see the document on how to use/set the license for Aspose.BarCode API.

Let us know if you still have any queries or confusion.

So based on what your are saying above (I do not use the product, just manage the licenses), I should identify workstations by searching for the associated DLL files? If so, is there a standard location these are located on the workstation so I can limit the search.

Also, for the license, I know I am provided a license file *.lic that I provide the individual that is authorized to install and use the software. Is that file located in a specific location, and maintained as a readable format? If so, I can harvest the serial number from that file on the remote workstation during scheduled scans?

The Aspose Dlls can be placed at any location, mostly they are shipped with the project (e.g. in “\bin\Debug” folder). I am not sure about your scenario/case. Moreover, if it is server based web project, then Aspose Dlls must be on the server where .NET framework is installed, it can be in GAC (Global Assembly Cache). If it is a standalone desktop application, then it might be in the same location (in some folder) where your application is installed.

Better to contact your vendor who wrote the software using Aspose APIs. And, yes, license can be shipped with the same application. The license file can be embedded as resources (in the assemblies) or can be protected (encrypted/decrypted) when deploying the project.