Track conversion progress while converting PDF to PPT and XLS using Aspose.PDF for .NET

Hi Team,
I am trying aspose.pdf .net 19.6, how can I get the conversion progress from pdf to excel, pdf to ppt? I know that pdf to word get the conversion process, but excel, ppt, etc. do not have the same method. Is the trial version limited?
thank your very much!


There is no such limitation in the trial version. The functionality of CustomProgressHandler is not currently present for PDF to XLS and PDF to PPT conversion. However, we have logged following feature requests in our issue tracking system for the sake of implementation of required functionality.

  • PDFNET-46648 - PDF to XLS - implement CustomProgressHandler
  • PDFNET-46649 - PDF to PPT - implement CustomProgressHandler

We will definitely investigate the feasibility of logged ticket and keep you posted with the status of their resolution. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


We would like to share with you that you can track progress while converting PDF to PPTX/PPT now using Aspose.PDF for .NET. You can use following option:

Track conversion progress while converting PDF to PPT/PPTX

PptxSaveOptions saveOptions = new PptxSaveOptions() { CustomProgressHandler = SaveConversionProgressEvent };