Transferring data both ways from fields


Will Aspose.Pdf.Kit work for the following solution?

I am dealing with an IRS 4596-T PDF Form. I wish to be able to fill out certain fields on the fly from a MS SQL Server 2000 Database. I would also like to have my scanner either scan for certain fields (it is capable of this feature) or scan the entire document and have Aspose.Pdf.Kit read certain fields from this entire scan form back into the database.

Which would be the better course if either would work?

Michael Lashinsky


Dear Michael,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

What you want is supported by Aspose.Pdf.Kit. You can refer to the form field part of the demos. If you have any question about how to build your solution, please post it here.


Dear Michael,

Do you mean to fill the fields with data from the database?

If so, you could refer to these two classes :

1) AutoFiller : it can fill the fields and produce one merged pdf or multiple small pdfs.

2) FormDataConverter: it also import data from database and fill these into the fields or export data from the fields and import these data into the database.

By the way , you could refer to the demo code (it is just in your installed directory after you install the product.) and learn more about the usage.

Any more question is welcome.

Best regards.