Transparency objects are still present in the PDF/A

Hi there,

We use Aspose.PDF Java library to convert files from PDF to PDF/A format in order to remove transparent objects from a document. Recently, we’ve bumped into issue for one PDF file which contains many images.
The PDF/A standard compliance checks shows the following error: Transparency used (soft mask in image)
image.png (24.7 KB)

The library version is aspose-pdf-17.7.0

Could you help us to fix that?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for contacting support.

Would you please share a sample PDF document, with which you are experiencing the mentioned issue. We will try to observe the same issue in our environment and address it accordingly.


Unfortunately, we can’t do that due to confidentiality reason. Is there are any another way to help in your investigation?


Thanks for writing back.

Please note that sometimes issues may be related with specific documents and to observe the same issue in our environment we need those specific files. Also please note that this thread has been marked as private now, so files which are shared here, will only be accessible to Aspose Staff. We will really appreciate if you can share the sample file(s) along with the code snippet. This would really help us in testing the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.