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I've been looking for a really good pop3/imap client (and exchange is just a serious benefit!) that is rock solid with all kinds of messages from all kinds of mail servers, from all kinds of mail clients including spam for quite a while. I'm a current user of DevMail, but of course DevMail got bought by Microsoft and killed so no support. :<

Hence my search for a new control and this one looks very promising however I need to make sure that I have everything I need and I can't find anything on the web site about these functions:

  1. SSL POP3, IMAP and SMTP. Is it supported? If not, is there a beta that supports it? So many mail servers are going SSL only now that we must have this functionality for our mail client.
  2. IDLE for IMAP: Do you support this directly or indirectly with a manual command and then an event?
  3. Do you support a fetch on IMAP that allows you to specify something like this: 150:* (i.e. message 150 to the latest by uid) and 0: 149 *Deleted (or whatever the way of doing it is)? This allows for synchronization of mailboxes and is very much needed.
  4. How do you handle HTML messages? I really don't want to have to parse mime parts myself if I don't have to.
  5. Do you intelligently handle attachments? i.e. in several ones that I've tested I've had to check 3 places to find all of the attachments that are sent (normal attachments, inline and unknown mime parts). I really would like to see one that had attachments that are attachments that are not images in the html body and then some other collection that only returns the images etc. that are linked to the html body so that I don't have to deal with it myself, but I can live with it if I can just use the contentId to look for it in the body.
  6. Do you support mac attachments (that are dragged in to the body of the message) correctly?
  7. Ditto with SunFire/Mozilla email attachments?

Thanks for the info!

  1. Aspose.Network does not support SSL now.
  2. Yes, we support IMAP protocol.
  3. This feature is not supported right now. However, we will think about to add it in the future. Now we supports fetching email messages, appending messages and other commands, please check the detail description:
  4. We provide same interfaces between POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. You don't need to parse the raw message file youself. With the help of MailMessage class, you can send an email to SMTP server, receive email messages from POP3 server and IMAP server. Moreover, you can use MailMessage to parse the Eml formate files (*.eml) and even Microsoft Outlook message files (*.msg).
  5. This feature is not supported. We will plan to make it.
  6. Yes, we support mac.
  7. Not sure. Could you give me some samples.


Is there a timeframe when Aspose.Network will support SSL ./ Secure IMAP / POP3?

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Our development team is still working on this feature. We will come out detailed schedule shortly. I will keep you posted.

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We will support SSL on IMAP /SMPT /POP3 in the coming release. We are planning to release it before January 20th.

I will keep you posted.



We have released Aspose.Network v3.7.0, which supports the SSL SMTP. SSL POP3 and SSL IMAP are also code completed, we are working on the testing part. They will be supported in the coming release soon. I will keep you posted.


Download link:


We have already released Aspose.Network v3.8.0, which supports the SSL on IMAP and POP3. Please check it out.

Release Note:

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Our development team is working on the S/MIME feature. We will keep you posted about the progress.

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