Trouble opening a 4MB + workbook after creating it through Aspose.Excel


During our evaluation, I have successfully been able to create thousands of workbooks very quickly and with stable results. A couple of these workbooks, from what I can see they are 4-5MB is size, do not open properly in Excel. When I try to open them, Excel quickly flashes the loading progress bar on the bottom of the window, then displays the default Sheet tabs as if I am just opening Excel with no workbook. Our current processing of the same data is able to produce a working file with all of the data in it - so I don’t think we are hitting an Excel limit. Anything less then 4MB seems to open fine. Is there something we can check?


Which version are your using? The latest version is v2.3.3. Please download it and have a try.

If problem still exists, could you zip and email your file with above problem? Or please give me a download link if the file is too big.



I have the filed zipped - where can I send it to?



Please send email to


Hi Laurence…have you discovered why the 4MB+ file I sent doesn’t open properly in Excel? Was the other sample (smaller) file helpful?


I think this problem is caused by too many worksheets - in your large file there are more than 1500 worksheets. I will check and fix it.


Yes, this workbook has more than 1500 worksheets in it.

When you fix this, what will the new limit be on the number of worksheets? Excel does not have a limit, as far as it’s documentation says (as long as there is memory available).

Thank you for looking into this - our evaluation is complete pending a test of the fix.


I have fixed this problem and there will be no limit on the number of worksheets. You will get this fix tomorrow.


Please download the latest hotfix and have a try.



Just downloaded the hotfix and tested it - the new workbook opened with no problem. Thank you for the very quick turn-around on this issue. We are going with your product for our project!