Two data parsing errors when reading shapefiles


When importing the attached shapefiles, I get data reading errors. These shapefile work fine in QGIS and ArcMap and other readers.

The first shapefile “Invalid Number” errors on the first and only record in the file.
Invalid Number (3.5 KB)

The second shapefile “Invalid Date” errors out somewhere between the records in 12k-13k range.
Invalid Date (1.6 MB)

I appreciate any insight. I had to edit my post because somehow it got deleted, then somehow re-added with the wrong attachments.


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Hi, @jstoneb3insight

We have created a ticket GISNET-1427 to fix bugs. We will notify you here as we will have progress with it.


Is there any update on this issue? I see it is currently in code review, but has been in that state for while now. Looking to give internal team an ETA on a fix for our current issue.

There are no updates for the task. Sorry I can’t give a time estimate.
I’ll see if we can raise the priority of the task.