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"Type license is not defined" error in .NET

My pc is using your dll and lic correctly.

However, in trying to get a 2nd pc set up for the new licensing, we get the message “type license is not defined” when running the application.
And we have an underscore indicating an error in the Dim statement.

Any idea what’s going on?


we have executed the .msi file.
we have placed the .dll in the bin directory.
we have place the .lic in the referenced directory.
we have “imports Aspose.excel” in our page.

Which version of Aspose.Excel are you using? If your dll is earlier than 01/22/2005, license object is still not supported. You have to use Excel.SetLicense method to set license.

It appears that the .msi file put a established a second reference to the dll, but did not remove the original reference. So the application was still using the old dll.