Unable to find generated document when run on machine with Word 2003


We are having an intermittent problem, when generating a document using aspose word on a machine that has Word 2003 (do not have this problem on XP machines), sometimes when you select to ‘open’ the generated document, get an error saying that unable to find the temp file generated - even though the file is where it is looking (in the temporary folder).

If you select to ‘Save’ the generated document, it saves successfully.

This does NOT happen on client machines running windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated.




Thank you for considering Aspose.

The issue does not seem to be related to Aspose.Word, it’s rather MS Word + IE + file name issue. MS Word probably doesn’t like file names such as MyFileName[1].doc. Is your document name similar to this pattern? If so, this should be the cause. Otherwise, please refer to the Microsoft knowledge base and look it up there.