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Unable to format cells after saving file

It appears that after the users save the excel file produced by Aspose.Cell they are unable to format any cells. The worksheet is not protected, so I don't know why they would not be able to perform any formatting. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Below is the code used to generate this file.

objExcel = New Aspose.Excel.Excel

objSheet = objExcel.Worksheets(0)

objCells = objExcel.Worksheets(0).Cells

fileName = String.Concat(selectedSchedule, "_", currPeriod, "_", legalEntity, ".xls")

filePath = Session.Item("ExportServer")

filePath = String.Concat(filePath, fileName)


schedRules = GetSchedRules(selectedSchedule, Session.Item("Connection"))

maxCols = UBound(schedRules)

cn = New SqlConnection(Session.Item("Connection"))


cmdSelect = New SqlCommand("sp_select_schedule_d_export", cn)

cmdSelect.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

cmdSelect.CommandTimeout = 1800

cmdSelect.Parameters.Add("@period", currPeriod)

cmdSelect.Parameters.Add("@schedule", selectedSchedule)

cmdSelect.Parameters.Add("@legal_entity", legalEntity)

dtrSelect = cmdSelect.ExecuteReader()


If dtrSelect.HasRows Then

While dtrSelect.Read

Dim x As Integer

objCells.Item(counter, 0).PutValue(dtrSelect.Item("line_number"))

objCells.Item(counter, 1).PutValue(dtrSelect.Item("cusip"))

objCells.Item(counter, 2).PutValue(dtrSelect.Item("description"))

If dtrSelect.Item("sched_rec_type") = "S" Then

For x = 3 To maxCols

objCells.Item(counter, x).PutValue(dtrSelect.Item("column_" & x))


If selectedSchedule <> "D2S1" And selectedSchedule <> "D2S2" Then

objCells.Item(counter, x + 1).PutValue(dtrSelect.Item("state"))

End If

End If

counter += 1

End While


msg = "No data for this selection!"

Exit Try

End If


For z As Integer = z To maxCols + 3

objSheet.AutoFitColumn(z, 0, counter)


objExcel.Save(fileName, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, FileFormatType.Default, Page.Response)

This is a bug in previous version. Please try this attached fix.