Unable to get border while converting email body to TIFF/HTML/PDF

Hi Team,
I love the service and indeed it’s easy and useful dll while converting to multiple type.However I am stuck in converting HTML outlook formatted body to Tiff image. (Dot Net,C# )
Well the objective is to get the border of EmailContent.
with using Aspose I am able to get the page border but as per the requirement, I am trying to convert email body content to Tiff with border.
I trying like this please suggest me any other solutions

//Reading the Email Body using Aspose Email
EMAIL.MailMessage msg = EMAIL.MailMessage.Load(sourceFile + "MLM19021012225556.eml", EMAIL.MessageFormat.Eml);

//Trying to Put Border to Body Content with Style

 string OldString = "<body lang=" + @"""EN-US""" + " link=" + @"""#0563C1""" + " vlink=" + @"""#954F72""" + ">";
                string NewString = "<body lang=" + @"""EN-US""" + " link=" + @"""#0563C1""" + " vlink=" + @"""#954F72""" + " style=" + @"""border: 1px solid black; white-space: nowrap;""" + ">";
                msg.HtmlBody = msg.HtmlBody.Replace(OldString,NewString);

//For Debugging purpose just take the HTML content and paste and border appears in HTML page

   // Convert EMAIL MSG to HTML and save to stream
               MemoryStream msgStream = new MemoryStream();
 WORDS.DocumentBuilder docBuilder = new WORDS.DocumentBuilder();

      WORDS.Tables.Table table = (WORDS.Tables.Table)docBuilder.Do,cument.GetChild(WORDS.NodeType.Table, 0, true);

                //// Auto fit the table to the cell contents
docBuilder.Document.Save(targetFile + "SampleTestFile.Tiff");

//Further more I have added Div tag,Paragraph but rendered output from Aspose removed

Note: My Email containing Tables,paragraph,and images

For testing purpose you can create a sample outlook email which contains tables and paragraphs and please try to keep a
sourceFile + “MLM19021012225556.eml”
and process from your end.

Please let me know asap.Little urgent

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