Unable to open file with protected worksheet


hi laurence,

the attached worksheet does not require a password to open the file, but its format and structure is protected with a password.

based on your post above, Aspose should be able to open this file. however, my test throws an exception: "Currently, Workbook protected by password is not supported."

is my understanding wrong? are there workarounds?

currently using 3.4.4.

pls advice.



Hi Nick,

Aspose.Excel can open files with protected worksheet but cannot open files with protected workbook. When you use password to protect the format and structure of an excel file, its content are also encrypted.

We are investigating this feature and it may be available before the end of next month.


hi laurence,

thanks for the reply - look forward to your investigation results by the end of this month. it will be another big step forward for Aspose.Excel fans.