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Unable to open final power point file which created through aspose when it has 3000 slides

Hi, would like to know is there any limitation for aspose power point files merging. I have application where through aspose we are merging the slides and it works fine when i tried with 2000 slides but if its 3000 slides or more i could not able to open the power point final file. It saying power point file can not be opened as part of file is missing. I would need your kind help on this. Any inputs please welcome. Thanks in advance.


Hi Ravikiran,

This is fairly large number of slides inside the presentation but still it should work theoretically. The error seems to tell that some of presentations slide got corrupted or so. It will be really nice if you may please share the source presentation data for investigation on my end. Secondly, I can suggest you a test that you can perform on your end to get to know that there may not be any limitations on slide numbers. As you have mentioned that up to slide 2000 things work fine. But when you add the slides from 2001 to 3000, the presentation gets corrupted. What you can do is to skip the first 2000 slides and try generating presentation from slides 2001 to 3000. If you still face the issue of presentation corruption, then it will become evident that slide numbers is not actually the cause of the issue. However, if things get right with this then please share the source presentations for necessary investigation on my end.

Thanks and Regards,