Unable to read the excel file(.xlsx) using Aspose.Cell for .NET

Hi Team

We have faced an issue to read excel (.xlsx) file using Aspose.Cell for .NET dll. Getting error as below
Asposecell Error.png (33.5 KB) and file we tried to upload is attached here Excel.zip (44.1 KB)

Same file is working with Aspose.Cell for .NET DLL

Could you please advice ?

Thanks in advance

Ramesh S


Thanks for the templte file and screenshot.

I have tested your scenario/ case a bit. I opened your template file into MS Excel (2007, 2013) manually but MS Excel prompts an error message and have to recover/repair it after certain messages. In short your template file is corrupt. Generally, if a file is corrupted and if you cannot open it with MS Excel fine properly, Aspose.Cells also cannot open it via its APIs. We have made Aspose.Cells APIs clean to not to read corrupted file. We are afraid, there is no direct way to cope with it or Aspose.Cells does not provide any means to repair a corrupted file, you need to have valid (not corrupted) file to load into Aspose.Cells object model.