Unable to remove header/footer from doc


For now I am using Aspose.Words 8.0.0 but I upgraded to 9.7.0 (trial) to do some tests and evaluate upgrading.

Header/Footer removing is not working any more, documentation is not updated or is it a bug ?
Sample code comes from :

Because if this is a bug then I need to test quickly with a bugfixed version, as soon as possible.



Thanks for your request. This example of code deletes all footers from all sections, but leaves headers intact. And as I can see the footer has been deleted from your document.
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Yes, it seems I got a problem with Word because I can not reproduce this bug. Strange.


Can you delete this useless thread ? Thanks

(I tried to do it myself but this forum does not allow me to)

It is not necessary.
We do not remove posts, that they might have the knowledge base.
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