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Unable to set provided font as default (Parameter 'defaultFontName') in Note 20.7.0

After updating from Aspose.Note 20.5.0 to 20.7.0 i now intermittently get

The type initializer for '  ' threw an exception.
   at Aspose.Note.Page..ctor(Document document)
   at   .   ​  ()
   at   .   ​  ()
   at ​ .()
   at ​ .   ​  ()
   at   .(Stream , Document , LoadOptions )
   at Aspose.Note.Document.(Stream , LoadOptions )
   at Aspose.Note.Document..ctor(Stream inStream, LoadOptions loadOptions)
   at Aspose.Note.Document..ctor(Stream inStream)
   at HtmlConvert.FromOneNote(Stream input) in C:\Code\DocumentConverter\src\DocumentConverter
   at Xunit.Sdk.TestInvoker`1.<>c__DisplayClass48_1.<<InvokeTestMethodAsync>b__1>d.MoveNext() in 

Unable to set provided font as default (Parameter 'defaultFontName')
   at Aspose.Note.Fonts.FontsSubsystem.(String , Dictionary`2 )
   at Aspose.Note.Fonts.FontsSubsystem..ctor(Stream defaultFont, Dictionary`2 fontsSubstitutions)
   at   ..ctor(Stream )
   at   ..ctor()
   at   ..cctor()

It only seems to be when i run it in parallel with other tests that use Aspose


Could you please create a separate (simple) console demo application (runnable), zip the project and provide us to reproduce the issue, we will check it soon. Also, attach one note document(s) if any.