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UnFlattenFields affects the data output

We are currently working with PDF.Kit version
To fill data into the PDF document, we create a datatable called dtFormData with Multiple Rows and Columns and then use this snippet -

Dim pdfAutoFiller As AutoFiller = New AutoFiller()
pdfAutoFiller.InputFileName = msPdfFormInputFilename
pdfAutoFiller.OutputFileName = msPdfFormOutputFilename
If Not IsNothing(mUnFlattenedFields) Then pdfAutoFiller.UnFlattenFields = mUnFlattenedFields.ToArray(Type.GetType(“System.String”))

mUnFlattenedFields is an Arraylist which has id’s of the fields that should not be flattened in the output file.

Scenario 1 - all fields in the output are flattened.
In this case UnFlattenFields() is not triggered and the output PDF contains the right data.

Scenario 2 - all fields need NOT be flattened.
In this case all data from row 1 in the datatable displays fine, but all other rows data come out as blank in the output PDF.

Scenario 3 - some fields are flattened.
In this case all data from row 1 displays fine, but only the fields that are flattened are displayed from all other rows in the datatable.

Can you please look into this and confirm the issue?


Hi Jaideep,

Thanks for using our products and sharing the sample source code with us.

I would like to inform you that Aspose.Pdf for .NET and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET have been merged into a single product and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET has been discontinued as a separate product. All the features of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET are available under Aspose.Pdf.Facades namespace of Aspose.Pdf for .NET v6.x. You can check the following documentation links to upgrade your code from Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET to the new merged Aspose.Pdf for .NET.


Kindly use the latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET v6.7 and check, if it fits your need. If you still face any problem, we would appreciate, if you create a sample application and post here to show us the issue. This will help us to regenerate the issue and get the cause of the issue soon.

Please feel free to contact support in case you need any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards,