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Uninstalling Word component


I try to upgrade the installed version of the Word component. As I understand, we can have only one version installed at a time. When I try to uninstall the old version (version of the component (using Add/Remove programs), I receive a dialog box with the following text:

"The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel."

My operating system is:

"Microsoft Windows XP


Version 2002

Service Pack 2"

Would be excellent if you had any comment of what may cause this and what I can do to overcome the problem.

Regards Edvin.

This error may be caused by many different causes. Really hard to say for sure. But that is 100% operational system problem, so you should ask a qualified person to fix it or use some registry cleaning utility.

I recall running into someting similar when I tried to upgrade using the full installer.

Since aspose.word is a managed code dll, I simply replaced the existing dll with the upgrade version [from a hotfix zip file].

Of course you should back up your current dll in case you want to revert back.