Unity Convert PDF to Image/JPG in C#

(my Document use)

Document pdfDocument = new Document("C://workspace/bcm/BcmWebGl/Assets/AKQgame.pdf");

Hello. I want to use Aspose.Pdf because I need to convert PDF to Image/JPG in Unity. However, the following error keeps appearing and the data does not seem to be properly entered into the document. someone please help.

image.png (5.5 KB)
error log: Could not load image data-000001B71A936CE0 due to Resource section is too small, must be at least 16 bytes long but it’s 0 long


Can you please share a sample console application that can be used to Convert PDF to image in Unity and describe the steps to reproduce the issue in our environment? We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.